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   About Coin Factory:  
    Coin Factory is not only a traditional pusher game but also a slot game, so that you can enjoy the two games at the same time and have double fun. (Maybe you can call it coin-slot game :))
    In this game, 60 kinds of crystal gifts and 40 kinds of mysterious gifts are prepared for you. Crystal stars fall at intervals and a gift falls when you win the slot, but you can't get them until you push them into collection hole. By the way, you can get the slot chance by pushing the gold coin into the moving slot hole in the front of the coin machine. If you're luck enough, you can get mysterious gifts or some other surprise. Good luck and have fun!!

   About Slot   
     There is a slot system in the game. When you push a coin into the slot hole, you earn one chance to play slot. You can get surprising award just like a crystal toy or a gift box, when you win a slot. If you'd like to concentrate on pushing coins, just press the button and the slot will run automatically. Perhaps it's a good idea that you play the game with someone else, one controls the coin and the other one controls the slot. By the way, some tips could be found which makes you win the slot easily if you play slot manually.

   About Silver Coins  
         Get a chance to play UFO.
         The three powerful fans hide behind the machine will run and blow the coins forward. Sometimes a coin could be blown into the collection hole directly if it drops at the right time.
         A crystal toy will fall down when you get a bear coin.
But you will not acquire a crystal toy unless you push it into the collection hole.
 A big coin will fall down and shake the machine when it hits the desk.
 The mechanical arms will rise from both sides of the desk and prevent the coins and toys from falling outside the desk. Take the chance to push more coins ahead within the limited time.

   About Stars    
      There are color stars and silver star in the game. One or two stars with random colors fall automatically at intervals and more stars fall when you win a slot of star.
      30 color stars can be exchanged for one crystal toy.
      One silver star can be exchanged for 10 coins.
      Try to collect as many stars as you can.

   How To Collect Gifts  
      Crystal Gifts  
              We have prepared 60 kinds of crystal for you. You could get them through pushing them into collection hole or exchange for them with color stars.  
      Mysterious Gifts  
          All the mysterious gifts are packed in the gift boxes. To know what gift in the box is, you should open the gift box first in the gift box menu. In this game, 40 mysterious gifts are prepared for you, which will perhaps give you a surprise. If you have any suggestion about the gift, please contact with us.
    ¤ By the way, you can rotate all the gift in the gift board to have a 3D view.

   How To Get Coins  
         You will get 300 coins when you install the coin factory.
You can get one coin every 30 seconds.
    You can get ONE coin every 10 minutes while offline, but not more than 50 coins.
    Buy coins from App Store.
        1. Touch the button to open the menu.
        2. Touch the [Buy Coins] menu then select the coins. The system will connect to App-Store to get the price and show it.
        3. If you decide to buy the coins, please click the [Buy] menu. (You can cancel it if you fell the price is too high x_x.)
        4. The system will ask your App-Store account. Please input it.
        5. Then the system will connect to App-Store to confirm it. If the account is correct, you will get the coins.
       $0.99  300 coins
       $1.99  650 coins
       $3.99  1500 coins
       $6.99  2800 coins

    Use gift to exchange coins.
        1. Press  the button to open the menu.
        2. Press [ GIFT ] button to open the gift board.
        3. Select the gift which you want to sell.
        4. Press the [ SELL ] button to sell it and you will get some coins.
    Use silver star to exchange coins. One silver star can exchange 10 coins.
        1. Press  the button to open the menu.
        2. Press the [ STAR ] button to open the star board.
        3. If there are silver stars, you can use it to exchange coins.


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