・Destroy all enemy before your life lost.
・3 stage evaluation after stage clear. Try to get the gold medal.
・Forward, the enemy will be more and more powerful, to see how far you can run.



Touch Mode

Auto Mode

AI and Bullet

General tank. Don't be afraid.
The missile will reflect once after it hit the wall.
It is a parabola bomb. CAUTION head!
The laser will be reflected by the glass wall. If your tank be hit by it, you can't move it within 3s.
We call it Wall Drilling Missile. It can Drill all wood boxes until wall.
The banana bomb will be split into three or five bananas after it hit the wall or ground.
The guy will squeeze you out.
You may find some items in the cars.
It is your friend. The defense system can intercept enemy's bullet. The defense radius is 4.

- Assault Mode -
Them will intercept your's bullet.
General bullets x 3
General bullets x 2 + Reflector x 1
Reflector x3
Laser x 3


Wood box. It can be destroyed and moved. Maybe there are items in it.
Brick wall. It can be destroyed.
Stone wall. It can not be destroyed.
Glass wall. It can be destroyed and reflect the laser.
Barrels of gasoline. It can be destroyed and moved.
Iron roof. You can avoid air strikes below it.
Sandbag. Only bullets can through it.
Defense stone. It can be moved but can't be destroyed.


5 seconds invincible
Five Star. If you want to get the gold rank you must find all of the five star in a battle.
Power UP!
- Assault mode -
Use it to resurrect after Game Over
Scrolls the screen slower
Air raid! Call them to protect yourself

Can transform into a huge tank

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