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 - You can use iFile to move files from computer(Windows,Mac,Linux) to your iPhone/iTouch with WIFI.
 - You don't need to install any software on your computer,just open your web browser and you can manage the files which on your iPhone/iTouch.
 - You can upload files in any format to your iPhone/iTouch or download files from your iPhone/iTouch by using a web browser.Another view,iFile makes your iPhone/iTouch to a memory disk.
 - You can create a directory.
 - You can open the most of the file formats ,Japanese and Chinese are suppported.

6.Consider the security,iFile can close its sharing,so you can't access any files by using a computer.
7.When you close a file, iFile can remember the last position.Next time you open the file,it will be opened from the last position.
8.iFile supports the automatic screen rotation,and also allows you to turn off the automatic screen rotation.
9.You can zoom pictures or documents by multi-touch.
1.If the path of the file you want to upload contains Chinese characters,you'd better to use the firefox or safari browser.
2.Open a pdf format is faster than opening a doc format when these two formats have the same content.

-Step1:Make your IPhone or ITouch connect to a WiFi network.
-Step2:Open the iFile and you will see the server ip displayed at the bottom of the screen.
-Step3:Open a browser on a computer which in the same LAN, then enter the server ip in the address blank and open this link,your will see the upload page opened.
-Step4:You can choose the file which you want to upload,then upload it,after uploading,you will see the file displayed on your IPhone.And you can touch the file to open it on you IPhone.
-Step5:You can also delete the file.

Supported formats
 image:jpg/jpeg,png,gif,bmp,tif/tiff and the formated supported by iPhone/iTouch
 document:doc,ppt,xsl,pdf,htm/html,safari ArchivePage,plain text(txt,c/c++,perl,java...).


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